Welcome to your one stop source for Concealed Carry Permits.

The most common question we get is always, β€œIs there a National carry permit?” The answer is no, but we can get you very close. The Utah Concealed Firearm Permit is recognized in over 30 States. We also offer training that can be used to obtain permits from a total of 22 other States and that list is growing.

Our two tiered approach to CCW training works like this (for the Utah permit, other States will vary) :

#1 – We offer the Utah course for as little as $20 per person. We can do it for this price because there is no live fire component required which keeps insurance & range cost low.

#2 – For new shooters we can add on a live fire training session custom built for you. We can do a group or individual training. It will take at least two months for your CFP paperwork to process which gives you plenty of time to choose a firearm, get the training & practice before your permit comes in the mail.

This system works great because it allows experienced shooters to get their permit at a lower cost & time commitment & lets new shooters learn at their own pace with no pressure from the 'old hands'.

Want to learn more? Click on Utah Permit or Other State Permits.

FYI - The Utah Concealed Firearm Permit can only be taught by instructors who have been certified by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. The course is required, by law, to be taught in person. Do not pay to take the UBCI class online, your training will NOT be honored by the State!

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